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Pet X-Rays

Our Sunnyvale veterinary clinic strives to stay up-to-date with new veterinary technology, which is why we now offer digital radiology.

small dog x-ray
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You Can Finally Rest Assured Knowing Your Pet Is In Good Hands

Our x-rays are reviewed every two weeks by a board-certified radiologist, who also does our ultrasound exams. This ensures the best accuracy and interpretation using top-of-the-line equipment so that we can provide you with accurate information about your pet.

Instead of utilizing older x-ray machines, digital radiology allows us to manipulate x-rays by:

  • Brightening Images
  • Contrasting Images
  • Reversing Phase Imaged
  • Zooming In/Out On Images

By manipulating digital radiology x-rays, our staff can diagnose your pet’s problems much easier. Digital radiology also allows us to prevent repeat exposures due to incorrect x-ray machine settings or film processor issues. Board-certified radiologists can review pet x-rays much easier in a digital format than on x-ray films. We offer a copy of your pet’s x-ray via email, so you may look at it at home or bring it to a specialist if necessary.